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  • increases the regenerative capacity of skin cells
  • prolongs skin vitality
  • prevents moisture loss
  • prevents oxidation
  • anti-wrinkle effect

Our anti-aging cream nourishes and nourishes your skin with rich active ingredients that help regenerate the skin and give it the freshness it needs.

This makes the skin look younger and fresher and helps against visible signs of aging.

The cream manages to reduce wrinkles by smoothing them out, thereby reactivating the skin's youthful, supple beauty.

The result is smooth, relaxed skin that makes you look years younger.

Discover the secret of black orchid cosmetics

The Masdevallia rolfeana, known as the black orchid, is a rare and mysterious plant native to Costa Rica. Their peculiarity attracts not only botanists.

The secret of the black orchid's resilience was also tried for years in the cosmetics industry.

The researchers came to an amazing conclusion: the miracle is not in the flowers, but in the roots of the plant. They give the orchid so much drive that its cells are constantly renewed and are therefore immortal to a certain extent.

So that the special molecule is not lost, you have to wait for a certain point in time. The plant must be picked just before the flower opens.

Although the effectiveness of the plant cannot be transferred one-to-one to humans, antioxidant polyphenols protect the skin cells and stimulate cell metabolism.

What does the anti-aging cream contain?

  • Black orchid extract - The rarely occurring active substance of the black orchid strengthens the skin cells' ability to regenerate and thus prolongs the skin's vitality.
  • Vitamin C - Powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals.
  • Easyliance - A patented combination of active ingredients that triggers an immediate anti-wrinkle effect and helps to smooth the skin.  
  • Acetyloctapeptide - anti-wrinkle agent that stimulates collagen formation and thus visibly reduces wrinkles.
  • Squalane - The oil prevents moisture loss and thus prevents oxidation




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